Bridging the gap between technique and law

Inventors / Engineers / Entrepreneurs

Did you and/or your team come up with an innovative idea and do you wonder

  • If the idea might be an invention,
  • If and how you might be able to protect your idea? 

You intend to bring a technical idea to the market, but are not sure 

  • If there are intellectual property rights, which might contradict your plan.


I determine if there are patents or other intellectual property rights anticipating your invention or contradicting the filing of a patent application. My results may assist you in preparing a patent application or may help a patent attorney in defining the scope of patent protection to seek.

I can provide you with an overview of the patent situation and can assist you in revealing infringement risks.          

If you decide to file a patent application or want to seek legal advice I can put you in contact with one of my partnering attorneys.


Iris Loeser
European Patent Attorney
Dipl.-Ing. (DH)


Phone: +49 6221/3295283

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