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Developementdepartments / Companies

Does your company not have its own patent department or is your organization organized so lean that you require additional support? 

I support you in identifying potential invention or infringements risk. I also assist you in protecting your development results, and avoiding double inventions and patent infringements. 

Due to my extensive experience in the patent area, I know about the importance of being efficient and result driven. Allow me to consistently support your development work and save cost by strategically planning your work based on an overview of the patent situation and by finding work-around solutions early.

Furthermore I provide searches in the patent, trademark and design area. I search mainly in the German and English languages; additionally, my knowledge of the French language supports me in drafting meaningful search language, reviewing documents and analyzing results.

If required I can make contact with one of my partnering patent attorneys, to draft patent applications or to provide opinions based on my search results. 

In addition I provide training for design engineers and inventors on search techniques as well as on intellectual property basics.



Iris Loeser
European Patent Attorney
Dipl.-Ing. (DH)


Phone: +49 6221/3295283

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