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Business Consultants

Do your clients either not (yet) have their own patent department, only lean internal resources or are they reluctant to consult a patent attorney? Do your clients require support for their design projects, in particular in 

  • Identifying potential inventions,
  • Avoiding double inventions or
  • Detecting potential infringement risks? 

I can help you and your clients by supporting their design project or by building up respective internal resources.

My extended experience in the patent area provides me with an in-depth understanding of the importance of efficient and result-driven work and allows me to provide high-level services to my clients. 

I search mainly in the German and English languages; my knowledge of the French language supports me in drafting meaningful search language, reviewing documents and analyzing results. 

If required I may make contact with one of my partnering patent attorneys for preparing patent applications or to provide legal opinions based on my search results.

In addition, I provide training for design engineers and inventors on search techniques as well as on intellectual property basics.

Further, I can support you in building up internal intellectual property administration and management resources and in cooperating with external patent attorneys.



Iris Loeser
European Patent Attorney
Dipl.-Ing. (DH)


Phone: +49 6221/3295283

Mail address:
Panoramastra├če 44
69257 Wiesenbach